How long support is needed?

I created this Question on Thu, Nov. 30, 2000 3:43 AM

Hello, ABUZZ Readers!
I live in Tokyo Japan and have been to Kobe to have not a small part of holidays and vacations for volunteer activity since 1995 when the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake append. I visit refugees who lost their house to the temporary houses in and suburb of Kobe city, and communicating with them support to regain their life. All of temporary house was disappear until 1999, but their difficulty has continued until now. Because regaining their life is not finished; it is unable or difficult for ex-refugees who live in public house for reconstruction to pay for moving and dwelling, to communicate with new neighbouers and to recover from shock and sadness.

So, I think that's a problem. and I want to ask a question; How about volunteer activity for refugees from disaster in America?

An answer added on Thu, Nov. 30, 2000 5:07 AM

It's very difficult to determine the difference between disaster  help here and in your country. We here have government agencies  who help as well as volunteer help, and there are still some  private individuals who will donate money and offer jobs as well as churches and charity organizations. Disaster victims lose everything, homes, businesses, personal belongings, but most things are insured. Then the insurance rates often go up so high that many people can no longer afford it. When the next disaster hits, well, these people then have to deal with losing it all, and having their credit ruined because they can no longer pay mortgages on houses that were destroyed, on businesses that no longer exist, on furniture and cars that were ruined. So, often some of us who have been destroyed by disaster are in the same boat as a lot of your people. Some people have resources to fall back on, money in stocks or in the bank, powerful friends, and/or an infallible determination to start over. Many of us come from generations of Americans who forged this country, who lived thru hard times during wars, and the depression. We have always managed to survive and prosper. So will your people. Sometimes it really takes a generation to completely recoup. You are a good person to be so dedicated to helping these victims. Sounds like you are getting a little burned out tho. Maybe you have done enough and it's someone elses turn now. Good luck
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